haute cuisine tableware

is an official distributor of PORDAMSA (Spain)
in North America

Haute cuisine is a form of theater, one in which the chef is simultaneously a director, captivating his audience's senses of taste, sight, and smell.
A true culinary masterpiece must capture a place in the audience's mind and memory. Our designers are fully incorporated participants in this intricate process and go beyond simply producing various tableware.

Our team specializes in presenting a collection of a accessories and decorations that are vital to a true culinary show and would satisfy the artistic fantasies of the world's most elaborate chefs. However, the secret of our success is simple: our designs are inspired by the beauty of Nature - the Pyrenean mountains and Mediterranean sea.

Our mission is to assist the best chefs in presenting their tasteful creations with the visionary images of haute cuisine.

The tableware of PORDAMSA (Spain) will exquisitely frame the culinary masterpieces, creating the unforgettable gastronomic experience and surprising the most demanding connoisseurs.


Our dishes are intricately designed and created in process involving hours of manual handcraft, yet remain reasonably priced. Ultimately, we design our product with the particular need of the end users, the chefs and their guests.

Due to our years of technological expertise, all products are shock and heat resistant, safe for repeated use in microwaves and dishwashers. All our porcelain products can be safely used in ovens.

All products are long-term bets, color and finishing are resistant to fade and most of our products are stackable.

All collections remain in constant production any products may be reordered at any time in future. Current cikkections are regularly widened with further addictions.

We maintain permanent inventory at the factory, which allows us to supply our customers within very reasonable time frame.



The range of limited edition
collections with high
handcrafted and artistic


Selected glass products
which are resistant, don't
scratch or stain and maintains
its transparency and shine.


Wide variety of complete
porcelain crockery sets or
individual pieces.


Only exclusive collections.
All cutlery is 18/10 quality
stainless steel.


Our high-quality porcelain
products and complements
designed and prepared for
catering and events.


The best porcelain tableware
and complements so the
preparation of buffets is
complete and impeccable.

Our showroom: 1864 Clove Road,
Staten Island, NY 10304
Phone: 1-718-815-5000